Although Lipovitac products are completely safe to use, in case of critical health problems we recommend that you consult your doctor or therapist.

We recommend pregnant women to consult their doctor before using the products.

In general, Lipovitac products are suitable for children. For children under 7 years of age 7.5 ml per day, can be mixed with water or juice.  Please read the instructions before using the product or consult your doctor or therapist.

Lipovitac products do not contain gluten. For this reason, it is suitable for people with special dietary restrictions, such as people with celiac disease.

Using a blender can interfere with the structure and absorption of liposomes in Lipovitac products. If you want to mix Lipovitac products with smoothies or food, we recommend adding in Lipovitac products after using the blender.

We do not recommend mixing Lipovitac products into hot drinks. You can easily use Lipovitac products by mixing them into non-carbonated natural drinks such as orange juice, apple juice, water, etc.

We recommend storing Lipovitac products in a refrigerator 4 – 6 °C. Do not leave the products in direct sunlight or near heat sources.